Any significant change in company culture needs a well defined strategy and a detailed plan with clear accountability.

Our consultants offer a wide range of targeted services and sustainable solutions to help you shape and deliver a diversity strategy with speed and precision, and most importantly clear accountability. We take each project from the conceptual to the practical, providing clients with concrete solutions that achieve lasting impact – for their business, their employees and their customers.


How inclusive and cohesive is your organisation? Are you clear on your current state? Do you understand the problems you need to solve? If you’re strategising in the dark, chances are you will miss the real issues and opportunities.

Any effective change effort must be grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the organisation’s current state,  the challenges and opportunities in the marketplace and within the organisation.

Our approach is very simple: once you’re armed with the right information, you can make the transition to an inclusive culture faster and with precision. Forensic focus on where you need to make change means you’ll also avoid costly mistakes.

Mixing quantitative data with qualitative feedback, we use a flexible model that includes a range of diagnostic tools, enabling delivery of an audit that works for your organisation.


Being compliant is one thing. Being committed is another.  We believe inclusion and diversity should never be an “add on.”

We’ll work with you to develop an inclusion and diversity strategy and plan that really connect with your wider business goals. We will help you pinpoint priorities, actions, responsibilities and measures that map to your company’s vision and business goals.

So no matter where your organisation is on the diversity and inclusion journey, you will deliver an effective business-led solution that will deliver tangible results.


Companies need to fight for their place in increasingly global markets; and compete for talent and customers. They need diverse teams that mirror and connect with their customer base to grow, innovate and maximise success.

How senior leaders behave, what they view as important and whether they hold people to account is what sets the tone in an organisation.

Effective change at the senior leadership level requires engagement on a rational, emotional and practical level and a real understanding of the dynamics of business.

Helping leaders to be aware, care enough to challenge the status quo and then to dare to do something different is what challenges an organisation to take a different path.

We’re experienced and skilled at working at board level. Whether it’s one to one diversity coaching or high-impact customized events, we know how to switch your leaders on to the power of difference and galvanize them to take real action.


Our targeted coaching and mentoring gives your executives and leaders a safe space to explore what inclusion and diversity mean and think about the impact of their behaviours.

The role of leaders in championing diversity and role modelling inclusive behaviours is complex. It requires leaders to hold the mirror up and understand the impact they have, raise awareness of the biases they hold and engage at an emotional level with the change required to lead in a truly inclusive way.

More2Gain provides individual coaching sessions to enable leaders the time and space to explore these areas using our coaching expertise and in depth knowledge of inclusion to support and challenge leaders with the behavioural change they want to bring about.

Our coaching and mentoring is results focused yet personal and empathetic — not a routine regimen. Leaders will benefit from objective, experienced and expert guides who can help signpost the pitfalls, avoid the detours and accelerate achievements.


Our training approach is all about challenging paradigms.

We build awareness, spark discussion and debate, and create the foundations for an open culture in which leaders and employees really feel the benefits of inclusion and diversity. We focus on “Moments of Truth” which is built on employees’ real life experiences.

Our training solutions focus on key areas like bias, inclusive leadership, gender balance, cross cultural awareness, age agility, flexible working and HR Master Classes. More2Gain’s solutions are pragmatic and based on real examples in the workplace. We move from concept to practical experience to drive lasting behavioural change.

Whether you are looking to train 10 managers or 5000 managers we can help you.


Smart companies recognise the need to create a culture that harnesses the talent of both genders. They know that an inclusive approach will motivate and empower the whole workforce.

Elevate Talent helps organisations build better gender balance at every level.

Elevate Talent helps women accelerate their careers and managers build the skills to ensure they get the best out of both men and women within the oganisation. Using a multi pronged approach accelerates progress and provides not just the “what” but the all important “how” providing the skills which lead to real change in organisations.

Go to Elevate Talent’s website for more information on building a more gender balanced organisation.


The way an organisation connects with its employees has an enormous impact on how they feel about and respond to change.

No matter how good your intentions are at the outset, your objectives and values simply won’t matter to your wider workforce if they aren’t communicated effectively.

We know that when it comes to communicating, it’s about taking a personal approach. It’s about being concise, being bold and opening minds. It’s about encouraging people to feel a sense of personal accountability and involvement. And it’s about calling perceptions into question and showing (not telling) how we can all benefit from diversity.

Whether it’s blogging, newsletters, presentations or workshops, we offer award-winning expertise, which will help you communicate, connect and engage with your people.


Do you need more than traditional consulting support?

Do you want to have access to a senior experienced Inclusion and Diversity Expert on a regular basis? More2Gain supports a number of clients through an annual contract which gives you access to an experienced consultant on a regular basis.

These contracts are designed for the needs of each client and can combine coaching, consulting, facilitation, education, advisory or steering group work and innovation in a customised mix.

These contracts also provide access to a sounding board, current research and large amounts of content on all areas of diversity. They enable you to accelerate your journey without investing full time in a senior executive to support the change.